“Do This In Memory” Family Mass

Welcome to Santa Catalina Parish’s Family Mass “Do This in Memory”.

In October, we begin this pre-sacramental resource which gives parents, children, and the parish community the opportunity to prepare for First Eucharist. Parents, children, and parish are invited to take an active role in this sacred Sacrament. The Family Mass will be held on specific dates throughout the year at the 11AM Mass. Children who are receiving sacraments this year are invited to sit in the reserved section with their families.

Family Mass Schedule – 2017-18
September 17
October 15
November 19
December 17
January 21
February 18
March 18
April 15
May 20

We are excited and enthusiastic about this program and are encouraged, inspired, and affirmed by the following quote from Pope Benedict XVI in Sacramentum Caritatis:

“In pastoral work it is always important to make Christian families part of the process of initiation. Receiving Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion are key moments not only for the individuals receiving them but also for the entire family, which should be supported in it educational roll by the various elements of the ecclesial community. Here I would emphasize the importance of First Holy Communion… Parish pastoral programs should make the most of this highly significant moment.”

– Sacramentuum Caritatis 19