St. Teresa’s EI Faith Community


Sr. Jean Mariani, OSF 
Director of Human Concerns Ministry
520-825-9611, x110


Andrew R. Whipple, bscd



St. Teresa’s Faith Community is a unique Catholic faith community affiliated with the broader parish community. The group is composed of people from the parish and from across the country with Environmental Illness (EI)/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), mold related illnesses and their friends. St. Teresa’s Faith Community is an outreach ministry of Santa Catalina Catholic Parish.


As members of God’s family, our primary mission is to be a prayerful Catholic community proclaiming a living Christ by serving those with Environmental Illness and related conditions.

In the spirit of the mission of Santa Catalina Catholic Church, we commit ourselves to being the voice, hands, and spirit of Christ as our way of proclaiming God’s call to love.

As our community is made up of people with MCS/EI and mold related illnesses, many of us are unable to leave our homes, are disabled and often live isolated lives. Our primary ministry is intercessory prayer.

Because many of us are unable to participate in traditional Christian services, we meet over the phone on conference calls. On these calls, we meet regularly to pray and to share our lives together. We pray the Liturgy of the Hours weekly, Celebrate a Liturgy of the Word weekly, and share Scripture together. We prayerfully support each other as we walk with Christ.

While, as Catholics, we long to participate in the Holy Mass, we recognize our health situation, in many cases, does not allow that. We see the Eucharist as the source and summit of our lives and, when possible, we make arrangements with a local Catholic parish to have Holy Communion brought to us.

If you are interested in being a part of St. Teresa’s Faith Community, please contact us at the above number or email us. You may also secure more information about meeting times at the following website:

Photo Credit: St. Teresa Icon written by Cecilia Lawrence