Paper Registration

Parish Registration Form

Direct Debit Form

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Whether you are currently a parishioner, are interested in becoming one, or are just visiting, we would like to welcome you to Santa Catalina Catholic Church.

We extend a warm welcome to you and hope that you find Santa Catalina a place where your faith will be nourished. We encourage all to register, including our winter visitors, part-time residents, as well as all individuals who participate in the various liturgical celebrations, activities, organizations or ministries at the parish.

As a registered parishioner, you may then receive verification letters to sponsor individuals for sacraments, receive them yourself, or participate in Baptism, Marriage, and Religious Education classes. In addition, you become a supporting member of the parish community. Simply attending Mass does not automatically register you into our system and we do not have a way of knowing if you are active.

Return the parish registration request form to our parish office via email, regular mail, in the Sunday Collection basket or in person to the parish office. Please contact the parish office with any questions, to register as a parishioner, or to participate in any one of our ministries or organizations. Contact us by phone at 825.9611 or by email at

Please note that you may be registered at more than one parish. If you are a winter visitor (snow bird) you may be registered at Santa Catalina at the same time as being registered in your other state of residence, and then contribute as you can. Also, parish envelopes are provided to registered parishioners who request them only.

Please make sure to register so that you will receive an end of the year tax statement in January.

Direct debit is now available for parishioners who would like to have their weekly or monthly contribution debited from a checking or savings account on a regular basis. Please download the debit form to be enrolled in the program and make sure to send it to the parish office via email, fax or by mail.